Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

Wekschouw Propedeuse 1st semester

A selection of my Works from the first half of the Prodedeuse(basic year), including the disciplines: Photography, sculpture, design, painting and mixed media.

Photography docent: Niek de Vriend

assignment: Photographic story based on self drawn storyboard
5 Photos ca. 20x30cm

Scuplpture docent: Ernst Varkevisser

assignment: create a communication between the surface and the space unerneath a table(+collage) 

assignment: a transformation between you and an animal of choice, in my case an anteater(+collage and studys)
Clay, fabric, Latex and Tobacco, height ca. 40 cm

assignment: build a trophy for the Aki(+collage)... no further instructions
paper, cement and metal sheet, ca.60x50x50 hwd

Design docent: Marc Boumeester

Assignment: Build a scale model of a cafeteria to be build a place of choice inside the AKI
Iron,copper,wood, tin, glass + 20 LEDs - 12 inside in orange/yellow colors, 6 outside in same colors, red light underneath glass bartable and blue light underneath big coppertable

Mixed Media docent: Christine van der Heide

assignment: process an idea based on a paper object(as seen in the studies)
Tripych + studies, acrylic, tin and plastic on paper 200x180cm

Painting docent: Jan van Delft

miscellaneous works in chronologic order of producion from left to right

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