Samstag, 14. Juni 2008

Photograhy 2nd semester

assignment: draw a picture, put a 6x6 grid on it, an rebuild it with photos

assignment: make a spate of stock photos expressing silence

Sculpture 2nd semester pt.2


assignment: create a communication between two tables

Note: pictures were taken after the tables already fired at each other


equipped with 4 catapults and pea-cannon, all fueled by 12.000 rpm lawntrimmer.
Triggered by a spinning Pendulum, setting of a chain reaction first starting the motor, letting it pick up some speed before the catapults are engaged and the peas fed to the canon.
Pea Cannon and feeding mechanism

the cannon has a theoretical firepower of 24.000 ppm(peas per minute) and provides a sound intensity of round 80db


equipped with 4 feather/elastic opperated catapults and an "airstrike".
Triggered by soldering gun, burning through the ropes holding the catapults back.
feather catapult#1

operated by two small feathers, one from a bikes saddle, the other from a lamp, shooting one aluminum bottle

feather catapult#2
operated by two strong feathers, shooting 2 aluminum bottles

Here a video to give a more specific impression:

sculpture 2nd semester pt.1

assignment: make a painting about beauty and mystery from the pov of "the small man"
acrylic and charcoal on paper

This painting is part of an installation,  used as the screen of a hectic b/w film inside a 1 squaremeter darkroom. Hanging above your head 30° tilted to give the impression of a downfall.

assignment: make a visual picture of a memory from when you were 10 years old or younger
acrylic,pastel,cardboard and wire on selfbuild canvas

Extra assignment: Nude drawing

Design 2nd semester

assignment: group assignment, group divided in costume designers, photographers and post production. I was in the photographers team

top: costume by Anna Meiners, model: Anne Pabon
middle: costume by Daniel Bragin, model: Anne Pabon
bottom: Costume by Annemiek Bloom, model: Anne Pabon

Mixed Media 2nd Semester

assignment: pick a word and make 5 works with different approaches
left: found objects from an old factories remains, right: shotgun shells on canvas 

There are more works  regarding to this disciple, i just haven´t taken picures of.They will follow within the next few days

Paintings 2nd semester

assignment: paint two still lifes, one romantic the other expressionistic
left: acrylic on fabric ca.120x100cm, right: acrylic and pastel on cardboard

 top: assignment: paint to pictures showing the exact same spot at night and day.
        top triptych: acrylic on canvas, bottom triptych: water color on canvas
bottom:  no assignment, acrylic on jacket

assignment: build 2 chairs, make drawings and take photos
left chair: cement and iron ca.30x30x30, right chair: wood, fabic and elastic band ca.25x20x20
drawings: mixed media on paper ca. 20x30
photos: 20x30

Freitag, 13. Juni 2008

Wekschouw Propedeuse 1st semester

A selection of my Works from the first half of the Prodedeuse(basic year), including the disciplines: Photography, sculpture, design, painting and mixed media.

Photography docent: Niek de Vriend

assignment: Photographic story based on self drawn storyboard
5 Photos ca. 20x30cm

Scuplpture docent: Ernst Varkevisser

assignment: create a communication between the surface and the space unerneath a table(+collage) 

assignment: a transformation between you and an animal of choice, in my case an anteater(+collage and studys)
Clay, fabric, Latex and Tobacco, height ca. 40 cm

assignment: build a trophy for the Aki(+collage)... no further instructions
paper, cement and metal sheet, ca.60x50x50 hwd

Design docent: Marc Boumeester

Assignment: Build a scale model of a cafeteria to be build a place of choice inside the AKI
Iron,copper,wood, tin, glass + 20 LEDs - 12 inside in orange/yellow colors, 6 outside in same colors, red light underneath glass bartable and blue light underneath big coppertable

Mixed Media docent: Christine van der Heide

assignment: process an idea based on a paper object(as seen in the studies)
Tripych + studies, acrylic, tin and plastic on paper 200x180cm

Painting docent: Jan van Delft

miscellaneous works in chronologic order of producion from left to right