Samstag, 14. Juni 2008

Sculpture 2nd semester pt.2


assignment: create a communication between two tables

Note: pictures were taken after the tables already fired at each other


equipped with 4 catapults and pea-cannon, all fueled by 12.000 rpm lawntrimmer.
Triggered by a spinning Pendulum, setting of a chain reaction first starting the motor, letting it pick up some speed before the catapults are engaged and the peas fed to the canon.
Pea Cannon and feeding mechanism

the cannon has a theoretical firepower of 24.000 ppm(peas per minute) and provides a sound intensity of round 80db


equipped with 4 feather/elastic opperated catapults and an "airstrike".
Triggered by soldering gun, burning through the ropes holding the catapults back.
feather catapult#1

operated by two small feathers, one from a bikes saddle, the other from a lamp, shooting one aluminum bottle

feather catapult#2
operated by two strong feathers, shooting 2 aluminum bottles

Here a video to give a more specific impression:

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